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 Kaskazi Kayaks


Kaskazi is described by some as the world leader in composite fishing and adventure racing kayaks.

The Duo AR (Adventure Racing) is a sit on top version of the Kaskazi Skua Duo. It was initially designed for adventure racing and other multi-discipline events where competitors need to change quickly from one discipline to another. The benefit of the sit on top configuration is the ability to paddle safely without a spray deck.

In the Adventure Racing circuits the Skua AR is hard to beat in terms of immaculate finish, comfort and incredible paddling efficiency. The deep, comfortable seats make it a real pleasure on longer distance expeditions or adventure races.

Length - 5.8m

Width - 68cm

Weight - 32kg

 C Kayak 

C KAYAK TOUCAN - For a long time we have been searching for a lean fast double SOT kayak as most SOT doubles tend to be wide and stable but not suitable for the more sporty sorts. The Toucan is exactly that, lean and fast, and tough as nails. Comes standard with three storage hatches and retractable rudder system.

LENGTH - 5.35m

WIDTH - 66cm

WEIGHT - 34kg

Riot Kayaks 

RIOT POLARITY 16.5 - The fastest rotomolded tandem and amongst the shortest and easiest to handle, the Polarity has this distinctive catamaran hull that makes it quick, stable and durable all at once. Plenty of room for storage in the front and rear compartments, a full lifeline and lots of deck rigging complement this fun boat with a touch of safety and convenience. FEATURES Advanced Contour Fit outfitting, Impulse thighbraces, Quick-lock footbraces (front) + Adjustable sliding footbraces (rear), Pilot rudder system, Front and Rear bulkheads, Thermolite hatch covers, Reflective lifeline, Fore and mid-deck shock cord storage.

Length - 5m 

Width - 66cm

Weight - 33.5kg 

RIOT ESCAPADE DUO 12What do you prefer: a casual paddle under the sun with your better half, snorkeling along the reef, having a good laugh playing in the surf or simply enjoying a quiet, solo paddle at sunset? Tough choice, isn’t it? Not anymore! The Escapade Duo 12, with its stable and agile hull and duo/solo seating configuration, will allow you to answer “All of the above!”

Length - 3.8m

Width - 88cm

Weight - 30kg

Barracuda Beachcomber 

BARRACUDA BEACHCOMBER - Barracuda customers have been asking for it, and we have been listening, as a result the Beachcomber DUO is born, this double kayak has all the great features of the Beachcomber, but now you can enjoy the Fantastic sport of kayaking with a friend. Total storage 180 litres, Hull Shape Round bilge, Approximate Weight Unfitted 18kg, fitted 28kg, Storage Capacity 170 litres, Construction Vaccum formed plastic. 

Length - 5.9m

Width - 72cm

Weight - 28kg

Prijon Kayaks 

PRIJON EXCURSION - Wide, agile and safe, the EXCURSION is up to all challenges.The broad hull and the rounded ends let the boat glide easily around narrow radiuses, which makes the EXCURSION best suited for tours on rivers and lakes. The high overall volume means a lot of storage space and a high level of safety. This is another case where our HTP demonstrates its superior position. This boat will accompany you in all sorts of situations!

Length – 5.18m

Width – 72cm

Weight – 37kg

PRIJON CRUISER III - There have always been requests for a family boat which can also accommodate a child or teenager. Other paddlers would like to take their dog along or wish for more storage space for their luggage. For all these customers we are offering the new CRUISER III as a three-seater. The middle cockpit with 81 cm is big enough for teenagers or small adults.

Length – 5.18m

Width – 70cm

Weight – 39kg

PRIJON YUKON K11 Sport GFK (Fibreglass) - We gave our classic a makeover in 2010. The ideal kayak for cosy paddling tours on calm waters.

Length – 5.05m

Width – 68cm

Weight – 29kg

PRIJON PIAVE - The PIAVE strongly resembles the Capri II in form and riding qualities. We are offering this kayak in GFK or Carbon- Aramide. The PIAVE GFK is approximately 25% lighter, the PIAVE CARBON approx. 30% lighter than the Capri II made of HTP. This makes the PIAVE the first choice for paddlers who are looking for a lighter and easy to handle boat, which can still be stored on a higher roof car.

Length – 4.66m

Width – 69cm

Weight – 24kg

Cobra Kayaks 

COBRA TANDEM EVOLUTION SLS - The Cobra Tandem has always been a winner with paddlers seeking a larger, versatile, stable kayak. The Cobra Tandem doubles as a family fun boat or a fisher that has plenty of rod holder and hatch options. The Tandem has been one of the lightest boats in this class using a combination of high quality materials and a reinforced hull structure. Now the Tandem SLS reaches new levels of performance with the SLS (Super Lightweight Series) release.   Weighing in at an average bare weight of only 20 kgs the SLS Tandem is easily lifted and stowed. Enjoy enhanced handling and speed with the security of a 10 year hull integrity guarantee. Pictured with optional seats.  Comes standard with two storage hatches.

LENGTH - 3.8m

WIDTH - 91cm

WEIGHT - 20kg

COBRA TANDEM - Lighter weight than other tandems on the market (only 25kg) the Cobra Tandem is easier to manoeuvre than the Cobra Triple. This model offers users the opportunity to socialize while paddling. The Cobra Tandem also is competitively priced and thus offers exceptional value. The top deck design allows for both a forward and rear seat. With deck space for up to five storage hatches, there is plenty of room to stow cargo. Since it is lightweight, it is more manageable than other tandems and can easily be loaded on top of the car. Pictured with optional backrests, hatches, and bungee tie-downs.

Length - 3.8m

Width - 90cm

Weight - 25kg

Hurricane Kayaks 

HURRICANE SANTEE 140 T -Sooner or later you’ll end up having to move your tandem kayak by yourself. With other tandems, you’ll find that it’s a high risk gamble to hoist one over your head. At an unheard of weight of only 24kg, our Santee 140 T is lighter than most singles! When you dip your paddles in for your first strokes, you’ll be delighted by how easily the Santee 140 T glides away from shore. The hull has been carefully optimized for the perfect blend of stability and performance, so you can truly enjoy your time together out on the water. For those times when you may be out solo, the Santee 140 T can be efficiently paddled alone. Tandem kayaks have gotten a bad rap, because until the Santee 140 T, they were a chore to lift and paddle. Looking for something the family will love? Once you try kayaking in our tandem, you’ve got a lifetime sport ahead of you.

Average Weight - 25kg

Length - 4.3m

Width - 79cm 

Scorpio Kayaks 


Double SOT kayak suitable for two small-medium sized adults, or adult plus child.

Weight – 30kg
Length – 3.86m
Width – 85cm
• Very stable and efficient through the water
• Moulded in carry handles at both the bow & stern
• Includes two 6 inch centre hatch with bag insert 
• Molded in side carry handles
• Scupper plugs included
• Comfortable
• Great for fishing, surfing, cruising & just having fun


Large double SOT suitable for two large adults, plus a third moulded seat in the middle for a child passanger (or small dog).

Weight – 32kg
Length – 3.70m
Width – 86cm
• Very stable
• Includes two 6-inch centre hatch with bag insert 
• Third seat position allows this kayak to be paddled by 1, 2 or 3
• Brass Inserts are fitted for optional forward mounted adjustable rod holder
• Side carry handles plus paddle keepers
• Scupper plugs included
• Swivel rod holder, backrests and paddles pictured are optional extras
• Great for fishing, surfing, cruising & just having fun

DAG Kayaks 

DAG BIWOK - Exceptional nautical experiences. The Biwok immediately gives the impression of performance and a willingness to provide everyone with a dynamic product with impeccable technical characteristics. Cleverly equipped, with high internal and external load capacities, it provides unequalled comfort on the water! Combines all the aces of our sea-going range in a package for two.

Length - 5.3m

Width - 67cm

Weight - 34kg

DAG FREELAND - Nature seen from another angle. Escape with the Freeland, be free to go where the others can’t take you. Eat up the miles in comfort. Whether a half-day trip is a real expedition for you, or whether you are an experienced explorer, it will meet all your needs.

Length - 4.6m

Width - 78cm

Weight - 37kg