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Some people enjoy the feeling of safety offered by the sit on top kayaks, especially if you’re wanting to play on the waves where regular capsize is more likely to occur. We carry a range of in-store sit on top kayaks including basic and affordable entry-level play boats, fishing kayaks, racing kayaks for the enthusiasts, large two and three-seaters designed for the family and some designed specifically for surfing the waves.

Yes, there are a lot to choose from, however every kayak we stock has a specific purpose, that's why we recommend that you pop in to our kayak store where one of our experienced staff can help you find the perfect kayak for you.

We are pleased to provide our great prices online. Be sure to check out our facebook page for some one of great specials and again if you see a cheaper price be sure to contact us for our price match options.

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 Kaskazi Kayaks


Scorpio Kayaks 


Weight – 24kg

Length – 2.65m

Width – 79cm

Pictured with optional backrest. 


Slightly larger than the Terrapin, The Turtle is more suitable for the larger, heavier paddler, or for the adult with small child scenario.

Weight – 22kg
Length – 2.95m
Width – 79cm
• Very stable and efficient through the water for a smaller kayak
• Includes two 6 inch hatches with bag insert
• Brass Inserts are fitted for optional forward mounted adjustable rod holder
• Molded in side carry handles
• Scupper plugs included
• Comfortable
• Great for fishing, surfing, cruising & just having fun
• Rod holders pictured are optional extras

Hurricane Kayaks 

HURRICANE PHOENIX 116 First of all, this is one gorgeous sit-on-top. It just looks great on the water. But if you’re not into that superficial beauty thing, consider this:  The generous beam on the Phoenix 120 allows you easy accessibility from land or water. Hence, a perfect boat for diving or snorkeling, especially with a large stern recess for stowing your gear. And with a number of attachment points on the deck, you can customize with a variety of seat options.

Weight - 17kg

Length - 3.5m

Width - 71cm 

HURRICANE PHOENIX 130 - The sporty Phoenix 130 evolved from our popular 140 design to provide even grater versatility. The Phoenix 130 is light and easy to handle off the water and is ready to be geared up for fishing and light touring. Deck attachment points and bungee tie downs give you multiple options to accessorize or store your gear. Available options include rudder and fishing package.

Weight - 21kg

Length - 3.96m

Width - 71cm 


HURRICANE PHOENIX 140 - Choosing a 14-ft sit-on-top used to mean sacrificing speed and snappy handling, but the Phoenix 140 puts an end to sluggish paddling. The 28-in beam and special hull design cuts through the water with amazing efficiency. With a large oval bow hatch, you have easy access to dry storage. The rear cargo well will hold scuba gear, camping equipment or your fishing rig. Drain scuppers help produce a dry ride. You can hook up a wide variety of seat choices to our deck cleats.If you don’t want to miss any glide with each paddle stroke, you simply have to own the Phoenix 140.

Weight - 23.6kg

Length - 4.3m

Width - 71cm


HURRICANE SKIMMER 116With beautiful lines, rigid construction, and a high glossy finish, both Skimmers are sure to be hot designs in 2013, especially with our new FlowMax scupper system and AireStream seatback.

Length - 3.5m

Width - 71cm

Weight - 18kg


HURRICANE SKIMMER 128The Skimmer 128’s touring style hull and Trylon construction allow it to easily outpace other kayaks in its class, and its low seat-pan and comfortable outfitting make you feel totally connected with the boat. Fully-featured from bow to stern with a generous bow hatch, two day hatches, and optional skeg or rudder, the Skimmer 128 is designed for serious paddling, and anglers will be overwhelmed by the outfitting opportunities this lightweight SOT has to offer.

Length – 3.9m

Width – 71cm

Weight – 19.5kg


Riot Kayaks 

RIOT ESCAPE 9 - Stackable and easy to lock up through the molded-in front handle, the Escape 9 is the boat of choice for the chalet or to complement your rental fleet. Its arched hull design with drain holes make it a convenient, durable and agile kayak, fast for its length and is a blast to take in the surf too! FEATURES: Sit-on-top high back outfitting, Molded-in footrests, 5” Day hatch, Rear deck shock cord storage, Drainplug, Cup holder, three rubber handles & one molded-in antitheft handle.

Length - 2.8m

Width - 74cm

Weight - 17kg

RIOT ESCAPE 12 (rudder) - The Escape 12 is a remarkably stable boat that tracks very well for its size.  Equipped with 2 rod holders and plenty of storage, it is ideal for fishing, diving or just having a good time on the water.  With four  attachment  points mounted on independently adjustable straps, our comfortable high back and seat combo lets you customize your position to perfection in just a minute and stays put whatever the conditions. Comes standard with rudder.

Length - 3.66m


Width - 76cm


Weight - 28kg

Cobra Kayaks 

COBRA PLAY EVOLUTION SLS - Introducing the revolutionary Cobra Evolution Super Light Series. Every Cobra Kayak that carries this badge tells you that the kayak it’s proudly mounted on will be one of the lightest in its class.

Because Cobra’s unique ‘Feather Cell Technology’ moulding technique mimics the lightweight yet highly rigid and robust cell structure of a feather to produce a remarkably lightweight yet extremely tough and durable craft.

With all the extra manoeuvrability, agility and ease of handling that comes with a low weight hull. More fun, more safety, more performance.

The Cobra Play is one of our bestselling single SOT kayaks so it is no wonder that Cobra decided to make this the first model in the series to become available in the Superlight construction.

Pictured with optional backrest.


WIDTH - 71cm

WEIGHT - 13kg

COBRA PLAY - A perfect complement to the Cobra Explorer and Cobra Navigator, this model is true to its namesake. The Cobra Play is fun and easy to use for smaller, shorter paddlers and kids. Since it is so lightweight and compact, it is simple to transport, load and unload and can be quickly launched and easily manoeuvred. Stability is provided by a shallow V-shaped hull that enhances manoeuvrability and tracking. The clean deck design, comfortable cockpit area and rounded ergonomic shapes are un intimidating. Pictured with optional paddle, backrest, hatches and leg straps.

Length - 3m

Width - 71cm

Weight - 17kg

COBRA ESCAPE - The Escape is the perfect sit on top kayak to throw in the water at a moment’s notice for a paddle, a float, a quick fishing trip, or a sunset. The Escape can be outfitted with Cobra’s large “A” Style hatch, as well as our 25cm round hatch, and has plenty of space for rod holders on the side rails as well as gear and accessories in the tank well. All in all, the Cobra Escape is a knock out of a kayak for smaller, lighter paddlers. Extremely stable to paddle, yet nimble and easy to handle and manoeuvre. The Cobra Escape provides all the features of the big yaks, in a package small enough for lighter paddlers to use and appreciate. Pictured with optional hatches, backrest and tank straps. 

Length - 3.2m

Width - 79cm

Weight - 17kg

COBRA EXPLORER - We think that our Cobra Explorer is as close as you can get to the perfect all-purpose boat. Stable and fast with superb tracking, it is versatile for all sizes, shapes and varying expertise of the majority of paddlers. An oversized external rear tank well holds all types of sports gear or picnic supplies. For fishing and camping there is a flush foredeck with plenty of space for a large storage hatch. Its stable 31" beam makes it a good ride for anybody. Pictured with optional backrest, hatches, leg straps and tank straps.

Length - 3.4m

Width - 74cm

Weight - 19kg

COBRA NAVIGATOR - This all-around kayak incorporates many of the same features as the time-tested and performance proven Cobra Explorer, but is faster and sleeker, with a bit more length. The Cobra Navigator, with its longer cockpit, is perfect for taller kayak paddlers and anglers who are looking for the features of a larger kayak, but still want the manoeuvrability and ease of use of a smaller boat, all while maintaining stability, speed and tracking. Pictured with optional backrest, hatches, tank straps and rod holders.

Length - 3.8m

Width - 78cm

Weight - 21kg

XF Version pictured.

COBRA TOURER - Designed as a performance sit-on-top touring kayak, the Cobra Tourer is slightly more forgiving than the Cobra Expedition. This boat is designed for the athletically inclined paddler who wants to go from Point A to Point B with maximum efficiency and speed. Its versatility makes it an ideal choice for training, long distance sight-seeing or touring on moderate ocean swells, lakes and rivers. This kayak has it all, even an adjustable leg length rudder system. The low profile hull of the Cobra Tourer cuts down on windage, enabling paddlers to maintain high speed and straight tracking with easy handling in all conditions. The integrated keel provides stability and efficiency, holding a straight course even in choppy water. It incorporates a large dive tank well for easy accessibility and extra storage. Pictured with optional backrest, hatches, leg straps, tank straps, adjustable foot pedals and rudder system.

Length - 4.5m

Width - 72cm

Weight - 22kg

COBRA EXPEDITION - At eighteen feet long, the Cobra Expedition is designed to go fast. It is built to accelerate quickly and get to its top speed in a short period of time. This boat has lots of storage and is ideal for any paddler interested in performance touring, sea kayaking and long distance cruising. A high level of paddling efficiency enables Cobra Expedition paddlers to travel longer distances in a shorter time with less physical effort. The long narrow waterline allows the hull to slide easily, quickly and smoothly through the water with minimal effort. The low profile deck is a unique feature for a sit-on-top and greatly cuts down on windage. A V-shaped keel and an adjustable leg length rudder system provide improved tracking and stability. Pictured with optional backrest, hatches, leg straps and rudder kit.

Length - 5.45m

Width - 60cm

Weight - 22kg

DAG Kayaks 

DAG MID WAY - Demand the best for your leisure. Racy, elegant, high performance, the Mid-Way combines the performances of a traditional sea kayak (smoothness, speed, technical qualities…) with those of a sit-on-top (comfort, stability, safety). On the equipment side, the Mid-Way also knows how to make a difference for underwater hunting enthusiasts.

Length - 4.4m

Width - 65cm

Weight - 23kg