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Pedal Kayaks 


Pedal kayaks are gradually getting more and more popular especially when it comes to kayak fishing. Now with more choice and at more affordable prices anyone can join in the fun!  We are dedicated to providing our customers with the best choice of pedal kayaks and now offer pedal kayaks across multiple brands. For more information on any of our pedal kayaks or to purchase visit our online store.


Pedalfish 10

The Pedfish 10 is our most sought after pedal kayak. So popular in fact we stryggle to keep up with demand. At 3.1m long it is the shortest of our range but dont let that fool you, this little beauty packed with features. View our online store for more details.

Pedalfish 13


The bigger brother to the Pedalfish 10, the Pedalfish 13 has all the features of the P10 and more! With a bigger sealed well with hatch lid in the bow, larger well in the stern and huge carrying capacity this is the perfect kayak to chase those larger species or reach those further destinations.

Pedalfish 3.2


With the P10 and P13 making their mark we are introducing the Pedalfish 3.2. The smaller volume Pedal kayak is quick and nimble an suited to the smaller peddler. With plenty of storage options , open space and rails down each size ( for customising) this kayak is not to be taken lightly.


Pedalfish 3.4


The Pedalfish 3.4 is a super stable foot propelled kayak, it has a removable drive unit and can go in either forward or reverse direction. At an affordable price it won't break the bank.

This little beauty has a top pedalling speed of 9km and is the perfect kayak for all round use in either flat water, harbour or ocean conditions, for sports fishing, fitness or family fun.

Kayak fishing is very popular these days because you can go more places in your kayak than you would ever dream of in a boat, without the hassle of boat rego or servicing of motors. 

Pedalfish 4


The Pedalfish 4 puts this proven pedal drive into a serious fishing Kayak. A wide, high volume hull with a big clear deck gives a super stable platform for fishing out of, with a capacity of 260kg.

The main deck with its EVA foam covering is designed for stand up fishing. A huge hatch under the foredeck, hatches under the main deck and a 45L esky on the rear deck provides ample storage.

The fit out includes stainless steel side rails, 6 flush mount rod holders, a scupper mount for your fish finder's transducer, anchor trolley and paddle keeper.

Steering is from an adjustable hand control. Esky, 2 piece paddle and anchor are all included in the package.

Hurricane Skimmer 120 Propel


After 9 years of success on the water, the Propel Pedal Drive system has landed in a beautiful Skimmer 120 design. The industry’s first lightweight pedal drive has arrived.

While some manufacturers continue to develop heavier crafts, the Skimmer 120 Propel can actually be moved from your car-top to the water - and back. The Skimmer delivers as a recreational hands-free cruising kayak.

The Propel Pedal Drive system creates on water opportunities for fishing, bird watching, nature photography, and exercise. With a sharp entry and flare in the bow for enhanced glide and smooth travel in choppy water conditions, the Skimmer 120 Propel cruises with efficiency and grace on the water.

This lightweight pedalling machine features the 1st Class frame seat with sliding adjustment for comfort and proper ergonomics while pedalling. Incorporating port side steering control, the craft manoeuvres with finger tip motion.

Hurricane Manta Ray propel


Native Watercraft's highly acclaimed and revolutionary Propel Drive System

... all for an affordable price!

This fishing craft is designed for all-around use; paddlers of all skill levels will enjoy taking it out to explore rivers, lakes, and bays.

Riot Pedal Kayak


LEADING BRAND RIOT HAS NOW DEVELOPED THEIR OWN PEDAL KAYAK - Available in Australia November/December 2017

This is sure to be the best news ever to hit the kayak fishing community, at last a big brand pedal kayak at a price that is comparable to the various no name brands! 

Features (may vary slightly):

* Pedals backwards and forwards 
* Also paddles well using a conventional kayak paddle 
* Removable Pedal Drive with 5 year warranty (5 year warranty on the hull also) 
* Two flush and a swivel rod holder      
* Handheld rudder control 
* Deep Keel for perfect tracking 
* Easily adjustable Vantage Seat 
* Large "A" Hatch on the Bow and Stern  
* 6" round hatch just in front of the pedal drive 
* Scupper Plugs 
* Four carry handles (not yet pictured)     
* Paddle Keeper