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More and more fishermen are realising that a kayak is perhaps the most sensible item to add to your fishing gear. It is quick and easy to access, transport and rig and can get you to places no other craft can reach. It's light and easy to manoeuvre and costs a whole lot less than any speedboat or tinny. Casting from your kayak sure beats trying to cast from the side of a creek where you're sure to get your line and tackle caught in the trees.

You can fish from any kayak or canoe but some are more adapted to fishing than others. Things to look for in a fishing kayak are a stable platform, heaps of storage and a lot of deck space to attach rod holders, fish finders and all the other gadgets that will help you bring in that big one that others only talk about.

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 Kaskazi Kayaks 


Described by many as the ultimate fishing kayak.

Excellent comfort, stability, paddleability and handling in rough water separate this fishing kayak from the rest. This kayak addresses the needs of the serious fisherman. Besides a dedicated fish hatch this kayak has a load box / diving cylinder holder, place for a fishfinders and GPS, and attachment points for an anchor and drogue. This kayak was developed to cater for the very specific requirements of the fishing enthusiast.

The Dorado is a specialist kayak designed for fishing, spear-fishing or snorkelling and is fitted as standard with all rigging required for fishing.  The Dorado’s volume provides exceptional load carrying capacity and stability and it is long enough to provide a good turn of speed.

The Dorado’s speed and load carrying capacity make it a great kayak for expeditions – especially fishing or diving! It is so easy to paddle and the deep, comfortable seat makes it great for day tripping and fun paddling.

Length - 4.8m

Width - 63cm

Weight - 28kg


 Kaskazi is described by some as the world leader in composite fishing kayaks.

The Marlin is ideal for the catch-and-release angler who does not need the large fish box offered by the Dorado. It provides a light and manageable platform for angling, snorkelling and spear-fishing. Because it's a modified sit-on-top rather than a custom designed fishing kayak it's a great boat just for paddling when it's not time for fishing.

The deep, comfortable seat makes it a real pleasure to use on all-day trips or overnighters.

Length - 4.7m

Width - 62cm

Weight - 25kg

Scorpio Kayaks 


Weight – 20kg

Length – 2.7m

Width – 79cm

• Very stable
• 2 large hatches allows stowage of dry bags, tackle & rods or other gear 
• Gear bags inside both 10inch hatches
• 4 flush mounted rod holders with caps plus 1 forward mounted adjustable rod holder 
• Good for fishing, surfing and cruising.
Pictured with optional paddle and backrest.  


Slightly larger than the Terrapin, The Turtle is more suitable for the larger, heavier paddler, or for the adult with small child scenario.

Weight – 22kg
Length – 2.95m
Width – 79cm
• Very stable and efficient through the water for a smaller kayak
• Includes two 6 inch hatches with bag insert
• Brass Inserts are fitted for optional forward mounted adjustable rod holder
• Molded in side carry handles
• Scupper plugs included
• Comfortable
• Great for fishing, surfing, cruising & just having fun
• Rod holders pictured are optional extras


Large single touring kayak for the more serious fisherman, or simply wanting to use it for longer distance touring.

Weight – 32kg
Length – 4m
Width – 79cm
• Very stable and efficient through the water, great for touring or fishing
• Large oval hatch allows stowage of dry bags, tackle boxes & other gear
• 10inch hinged hatch with Gear bag inside
• Brass Inserts are fitted for optional forward mounted adjustable rod holder
• 4 carry handles
• Scupper plugs included
• Livewell/Molded Bait Bucket
• 4 flush mounted rod holders with caps plus 1 forward mounted adjustable rod holder
• Pictured with optional backrest and paddle


A larger fishing kayak for the bigger fisherman or just wanting something a bit faster and more efficient. The centre console provides a great storage option for all your small fishing accessories. This can also be enlarged if you are wanting to store larger items in the centre console.


Centre Console with hatch that is Scotty or Ram Rod holder ready

Hinged oval front hatch

Side carry handles & paddle park

2 flush rod holders

Drink Holder & scupper plugs

Large rear well

Comes standard with adjustable rudder 

 C Kayak

C KAYAK MALACHITE - Lean and fast the Malachite is the anglers answer to an offshore fishing kayak with plenty of guts. Ideal for getting out to backline quickly and surf landings. Comes standard with two flush rod holders, three storage hatches, thigh straps and retractable rudder system.

LENGTH - 4.525m

WIDTH - 59cm

WEIGHT - 26kg

Riot Kayaks 

RIOT QUEST 10 HV - The Quest 10 HV was designed for comfort and manoeuvrability. It comes with a convenient sealed bulkhead to keep your stuff dry along with 2 each rod and cup holders. Combine that with our contour fit outfitting equipped with a cushy, compression-molded seat pad that fully adjusts for your comfort and the Quest 10 HV is the ideal boat for a leisurely cruise on the water.

Length – 3m

Width – 76cm

Weight – 22kg

RIOT EDGE 11 ANGLER - Stable and easy to handle, the Trophy 11 will take you fishing where no other boat can. With two flush-mount rod holders behind to carry rod and landing net, plus an adjustable rod stand in front, you have all that’s needed for a successful campaign of hide-and-seek with your favourite fish, comfortably seated in our high-back fishing outfit. FEATURES - High-Back, Contour Fit outfitting, Integrated thighbraces, Quick-lock adjustable footbraces, Retractable Skeg, Rear bulkhead, Dual-density hatch cover, Fore deck shock cord storage, Paddle hook, Security bar, 2 flush mount rod holder (rear), 1 adjustable rod holder (front), Anchor cleat, Baitbox station, Drainplug, Front flotation bag.

Length - 3.35cm

Width - 69cm

Weight - 25kg

 RIOT ENDURO 12 ANGLER - You asked for more storage capacity, floatation and sealed bulkheads. We picked your wish-list and outlined our fishing trip dream machine. That gave birth to a true work horse, with two sealed compartments, so you can bring both your fishing and camping gear and set yourself for the most exciting fishing campaign of your life: you’ll silently access remote coves and otherwise unreachable eddies, while being completely autonomous and free to move anywhere, or to simply hold on to your position, as long as needed. FEATURES Contour Fit outfitting, Impulse thighbraces, Quick-lock adjustable footbraces, Retractable Skeg, Front and Rear bulkheads, Dual-density hatch covers, Fore deck shock cord storage, Paddle hook, Security bar, 2 flush mount rod holder (rear), 1 adjustable rod holder (front), Anchor cleat, Baitbox station, Drainplug.

Length - 3.66m

Width - 71cm

Weight - 26kg

RIOT ESCAPE 12 (rudder) -  The Riot Escape 12 (also branded as the L'Attitude Galaxy 12) is the latest sit-on top coming from Riot. Due to the massive popularity of the smaller Riot Escape 9 they now produce a larger model for the larger paddler, also incorporating a couple of fishing rod holders for the keen fisherman and a large front hatch.

A very stable craft boasting also a large rear storage "well", paddle keeper and drink bottle holder. All in all the Riot Escape 12 presents exceptional value for money for the larger paddler.

Length – 3.7

Width – 79cm

Weight – 26kg

Cobra Kayaks 

COBRA FISH N DIVE - The Fish n’ Dive-XF features a newly designed Tank well, which in addition to still securely holding a marine battery for a trolling motor, now also features a custom designed tray to hold bait buckets in place. The Cobra Fish n’ Dive-XF features additional forward mounting areas for trolling rod mounts, rear facing rod mounts for jump seat users or accessories such as a net and gaff, and widened foot wells for greater paddling comfort. Cobra Kayaks secures the Fish n’ Dive-XF’s place as a leader among stable fishing kayaks for paddlers of any size or level.

Length - 3.8m

Width - 90cm

Weight - 25kg


COBRA PRO FISHERMAN -  For long-reach fishing expeditions the Pro Fisherman is the ideal Kayak. More than a foot longer than the Fish n’ Dive, the Pro Fisherman has a narrower beam and is lightweight at 25kg. This means a fast manoeuvrable kayak able to handle more challenging sea conditions. Standard with covered side storage compartments, covered bait well, tank holder, front bungy. Easily equipped with an optional rudder system. Flat deck space means multiple hatch options with the tank well to hold dive bottles or overnight camping gear. 

Length - 4.2m

Width - 73cm

Weight: 25kg 

COBRA MARAUDER XF - The Cobra Marauder-XF is a pure performance fishing kayak from every angle and offers excellent initial and secondary stability as well as a super silent hull design for stealth paddling around easily spooked fish. Ample rocker provides manoeuvrability and smooth paddling as well as stability during surf launches and landings, yet the keel design and channels in the hull make for excellent tracking. Add that to a user-friendly deck design that offers you more than enough options to truly customize the Marauder-XF to fit the way you want to fish, and you’ll see why the Marauder-XF is raising the bar on what a fishing kayak should be. Pictured with optional backrest, hatches, flush mount rod holders and tank straps.

Length - 4.35cm

Width - 79cm

Weights - 25kg

DAG Kayaks 

DAG FISH’IN - The fishing kayak according to DAG. For rivers, lakes and ponds, with the Fish’In you can discover these numerous fishing possibilities. For stationary or sporting fishing, use it for real tracking and discover inaccessible places in simplicity and silence. Numerous additional accessories are available.

Length - 3.45m

Width - 80cm

Weight - 22kg

DAG MID WAY ANGLER - The Mid-Way Pêche - Recognised as the best Sit on top in its category, here it is fitted with rod holders for sea or lake fishing. It is secure due to the qualities of a sit on top and high performance like a sea kayak. Ideal for trolling in wild surroundings only accessible in a kayak.

Length - 4.5m

Width - 65cm

Wight - 23kg

Hurricane Kayaks

HURRICANE PHOENIX 140 FX - Now with double density rear hatch cover and improved ergonomic seating.The Phoenix series are lightweight thermoformed sit on top kayaks offering thermoformed technology in a sit-on-top design. They are stable, comfortable and agile. The immaculate exterior is a standard feature of the Hurricane range. Just as tough but lighter than Polyethylene and cheaper and tougher than Fibreglass the Phoenix 130 is one of the lightest touring sit on top kayaks available in the world today and addresses the strong need for a lightweight yet durable sit on top kayak. The Phoenix kayaks are stable enough that they can be fitted out as an ideal fishing kayak, in fact the Phoenix 140 is now available in a standard fishing version. Available in three sizes, Phoenix 120 (3.6m), the Phoenix 130 (4m) and the Phoenix 140 (4.3m). The Phoenix 140 comes with a rudder. 

LENGTH - 4.3m

WIDTH - 71cm

WEIGHT - 25kg